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Welcom to Global College of Pharmacy, Moinabad | Hyderabad | Telangana


Welcome to All!

The profession of Pharmacy is a vital one as it is concerned with the Health of Mankind. We, as Pharmacists, bear high responsibility to cater the needs of patients suffering from diseases by way of providing them with Quality Medicines, available at all times and at affordable prices. To achieve this aim, thorough knowledge in Pharmacy and related subjects is paramount. This is possible only through hard-work, dedication, honesty and continues abreasting of latest developments in the Pharmacy and related fields.

I call upon my fellow Pharmacists to inculcate professional activities, impart quality Pharma Education to "Would be Pharmacists" to meet changing mission of Pharmacists and to make recognizable contribution to achieve Health for all. We all should take pride in declaring that,

We vow our professional life to the service of mankind through the profession of Pharmacy

We, at GLOBAL COLLEGE OF PHARMACY will leave no stone unturned to mold health care student into COMPETITIVE PHARMACY PROFESSIONAL through standardized parameters. We welcome you to GCP to enrich yourself with health care real learning experience.

Dr. J.Venkateswara Rao